Wednesday, February 4, 2009

GoldSprints at Santa Rosa Velove party for the Tour of California!

Velove GoldSprints
Velove Cross
Velove Map
MARIN BIKES is sponsoring the weened of fun in Santa Rosa. We've got over $5,000 in CASH & PRIZES to give away! Exciting events all day long. The Broakland Krew is throwing down a fixed gear trick and skid exhibition and competition. We're running a team GoldSprints and Heads-Up racing too! DJ's all day kicking out the jams on a massive sound system in the beer garden and we're bringing in 40 kegs of Lagunitas beer! For just $15 per racer on your team of four, you'll get your crack at fame, fortune, and a whole grip of awesome prizes. Top prize: A brand new Marin Ignacio bike, in your size, worth $1,200! Other prizes are a set of Kreitler Rollers, Hutchinson tires, Sheila Moon gear, Chuey Brand cycling hats and cool swag from Marin Bikes.

video clips of past events here: (beer not always involved, just sometimes!):

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